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Comfort Furnace 1500 Infrared Heater - Walnut Finish

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Price: $299.00 + Free Shipping!!!
Item Number: 56179
Manufacturer Name: Comfort Furnace
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Comfort Furnace 1500 Infrared Heater
Walnut Finish

  • Tuscan Walnut Cabinet
  • All New 2010 Models
  • Heats up to 1000 sq ft.
  • Four (4) Quartz Infrared Emitters
  • Approx. 23.3 lbs
  • Phillips UV Light Powered Air Purifier

Why Infrared?
  • Quartz infrared tubes utilize new infrared technology in Comfort Furnace Infrared Heaters.
  • New stainless steel diffusers produce 14% more heat than last years models.
  • Designed to last 20,000 hours minimum instead of the standard 5,000 hour rating on most other infrared bulbs.
  • New ceramic and stainless quick-connect terminals provide for easy servicing. Tubes can be replaced in three minutes or less without special skills. When a tube needs to be replaced we ship the new tube to you with a service reimbursement voucher so you never have to be without your heater. This avoids the 3-4 week turn-around time required to ship a heater back to the manufacturer for warranty or repair.
  • New Comfort Furnace heat exchanger provides enhanced copper ionization. This leads to maximum conversion of infrared wave into a more absorbent bandwidth of infrared. (9-10 micron)
  • Comfort Furnace infrared heaters have a 3-year extended manufacturers warranty.
  • Comfort Furnace infrared heaters have Solid-state Electronics No more mechanical contact switches or sensors to wear out.
  • Comfort Furnace infrared heaters have a full function electronic Thermostat This new thermostat replaces the standard mechanical thermostat found on other brands. Provides sensitive control of room temperatures to 1 degree.
  • Comfort Furnace infrared heaters have a Delayed Start Function you can delay when your heater turns on up to 23 hours from the time you set it which provides versatility and additional energy efficiency.
Energy Savings
  • Reduces energy consumption by 35% to 50%.
  • Maintains balanced temperatures from floor to ceiling without the noticeable cold pockets common in baseboard heating systems
  • Promotes healthier, cleaner air. Comfort Furnace heaters destroy bacteria, virus, mold, mildew and other organic organisms that cause respiratory distress, colds and flus. They are the perfect heating source for your home.
  • Eliminates contamination that existing forced air heating systems, wood stoves, or kerosene space heaters cannot eliminate
  • Is a safe source of localized heat that cannot burn or harm pets, children, or furniture and does not give off solar radiation like conventional radiant heaters or dishes.
  • Is portable so you can heat only the areas of your choice. You use less electricity to produce the same amount of heat.
  • Is designed to last 15 20 years or more!
  • Is available in 2 convenient sizes -1000 Watts and 1500 Watts.

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andy gerrier (livermore falls,me.) 12/19/2019 3:02 PM
I have 2 of these and love them ,when I bought these I took out a lifetime warranty which I paid 100.00 on each of the units,is the co.still in business,and another question I use 1 unit up north at camp and it doesn't mater if it's up there or home and use any outlet,the plug and about 2" of the cord get a little warm is that normal ,does the same on both units
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