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Eemax SP35 Single Point

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Price: $216.15
Item Number: 16175
Manufacturer Name: Eemax Inc.
Manufacturer Part No: SP35
Eemax SP35 Single Point
Eemax SP35 Single Point
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Eemax SP 35 Spec Sheet
Eemax SP 35 Instruction/Owner's Manual
Eemax SP 35 Trouble Shooting
The Eemax SP35 "Single Point" Electric Tankless Water Heater.
The Eemax SP35 "Single Point" Electric Tankless Water Heater to serve one commercial type sink as found in public hand washing areas, modular buildings and offices, strip malls, service stations and concession stands.

Eemax SP35 "Single Point" Electric Tankless Water Heater Applications:
Shopping Malls
Office and Tenant Spaces
Commercial Buildings (restaurants, etc.)
Modular Buildings/Modular Offices
Public Hand Washings
Service Stations
Concession Stands
Various "Point-Of-Use" Needs

Eemax SP35 "Single Point" Electric Tankless Water Heater Features:
On Demand Hot Water - no delay.
Cut Energy Waste -flow switch activates heater only on demand (no standby heat loss).
Continuous Hot Water - no storage capacity to run out. Reduces Installation Cost - no T & P relief valve needed (check local codes).
Easy Installation - only one cold water line need be brought to lavatory - integral 3/8" compression fittings on top (no sweat connections). Mounts on wall at point-of-use.
Flow Restrictor Faucet Aerator - with excellent spray pattern supplied with unit.
Hands Free - sensor and metering faucet compatible.
Prevents Legionella Bacteria Growth
Designed for Durability - constructed of high strength reinforced "ENGINEERING PLASTIC"
Ni Chrome Element - a unique, patented flow path ensures optimum heat transfer and extended element life.
Compact Size - dimensions 10.75"x5.25"x2.125"
Reduces Calcification.
Space Saving Installation - under sink, point-of-use.
Field Serviceable Element - replaceable cartridge element
Complies with handicap requirements.

Eemax SP35 "Single Point" Electric Tankless Water Heater Specifications:
Volts - 240V
KW - 3.5kW
Amps - 14.6A
Rise at 0.5 GPM - 48°F
Wire Size AWG - 10
Dimensions - 10.75" x 5.25" x 2.125"
Weight - 4 lbs
Element - Replaceable cartridge insert
Connections: 3/8" compression at top of unit

* The voltage, amperage, and circuit breaker specifications must be met for this heater to function. Please make sure all requirements are met before purchasing this heater. Manufacturer's start up procedures must be observed.
Details and Features
  • Manufacturer and Model: Eemax SP35
  • Color: White
  • Oversize: No

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