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Comfort Furnace Infrared Space Heaters

Portable heaters are a major cause of residential fires in the United States. The Comfort Furnace
infrared heater, however, cannot cause a fire. That’s because the quartz infrared heating elements are
confined inside a fireproof heat exchange. So the outside remains cool to the touch. In fact,
when it’s operating pets can sleep on it without harm.

Unlike kerosene, gas or wood heating, The Comfort Furnace doesn’t require excessive ventilation
(cold air coming into the house) for safe operation. This leads to increased heating efficiency and
no combustion by-products.

The Comfort Furnace infrared heater provides a healthier heat. That’s because unlike other heating sources, it will not reduce the humidity or oxygen content in the room. Your sinuses and skin won’t be dry like with typical heating sources. Gone is the suffering from increased lethargy or sleepiness. It’s all thanks to an intelligent unit that doesn’t destroy and leaves negative ions intact.

In addition, all Comfort Furnace Quartz Infrared Portable Heaters are equipped with a 3-micron
reusable filter system that removes airborne particles as air is pulled into the heating system.
The heat exchanger in a Comfort Furnace heater destroys bacteria, viruses, mold, mildew,
and other air-borne pathogens before the heated air leaves the unit.

By using individual controlled units, the Comfort Furnace heater provides heat only where and when it is needed. Portable zoned heating produces economical heating for maximum energy savings by heating only the areas that you desire to heat.

The Comfort Furnace heater comes with accurate electronic thermostat controls and a delayed start function to provide accurate comfort settings and minimize energy costs when you’re not at home.

Its infrared heater is less expensive to operate per square foot than other forms of electric or gas heat.

The Comfort Furnace heater uses a standard 115volt household current, and requires no special 220volt wiring, chimney vent or expensive duct installation.

No longer will you face the old hot spot/cold pocket syndrome. With the Comfort Furnace™ infrared heater you get even heat distribution. It is thermostatically controlled, and circulates and recycles heated air from floor to ceiling so the temperature differential is minor. Which means there’s no need for a ceiling fan.

As the Comfort Furnace™ infrared heater operates, you will notice that its heating ability does not depend on a high-speed flow of air. Instead, the gentle airflow allows for better air mixing inside the unit leading to more effective heating action.

Just plug the power cord into any 115 volt 15 amp receptacle. Push the power button and then set the thermostat to the desired temperature. That’s it. The Comfort Furnace™ infrared heater will do the rest. The  fan will not turn on during the warm-up cycle. Once the infrared quartz heating elements have warmed up (about 2 minutes) the  fan will turn on. The result? You get an additional soft, heavenly heat for maximum efficiency and comfort. Talk about simple comforts.

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Comfort Furnace 1500 Infrared Space Heater - Oak Finish
Price: $299.00 + Free Shipping!!!
Comfort Furnace 1500  Infrared Space Heater - Oak Finish
Comfort Furnace 1500 Infrared Heater - Walnut Finish
Price: $299.00 + Free Shipping!!!
Comfort Furnace 1500 Infrared Heater - Walnut Finish
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