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SQ Flex Controllers / Accesories

The complete SQFlex pump range consists of 7 different pump sizes: 4 centrifugal and 3 helical rotor pumps. All pumps are fitted with the same size motor which, together with the new sizing tools, makes system sizing simple

3 SQF-2
6 SQF-2
11 SQF-2
25 SQF-3
25 SQF-6
40 SQF-3
75 SQF-3
Pump Type
Helical Rotor
Helical Rotor
Helical Rotor

Potential SQ Flex applications include:
  • Live stock watering
  • Remote Homes
  • National/State Parks
  • Irrigation
  • Remote Camps
  • In locations where power is scarce and water is a necessity.


  • Protection against dry-running, overloading and overheating
  • Automatic restart when water returns to the well or when the motor temperature returns to the safety range
  • Continuous load condition and voltage monitoring

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