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For almost 100 years, Cash Acme has designed and manufactured water pressure, thermostatic and temperature valves. From its inception in Decatur, Illinois to its current state-of-the-art facility in Cullman, Alabama, Cash Acme has always been a respected name in the U.S. plumbing and heating industry. The history moves forward with continued innovation and Fall 2003 expansion of the automated production facility.

Today, Cash Acme is still a leading supplier to wholesale distribution with production of several series of regulating valves. Cash Acme also services the general plumbing and heating industry with a solid and well regarded product range including pressure regulators, relief valves, backflow prevention devices and general plumbing and heating controls. The long respected brand name has been accepted by the professional trade. The humble roots of 1912 that A.W. Cash laid in the United States market have lead to innovation of the largest T&P manufacturing operation in the world spanning three continents.

With the backing and focus of the Reliance Worldwide Corporation, Cash Acme is poised to take an even more prominent role in the North American market. The marriage of two companies that seemed inevitable. The similar histories of both companies brought them together as engineering and product development specialists. The resources of Reliance have made Cash Acme a stronger player in North American market while leveraging the efficiencies that now make Reliance the largest T&P and Thermostatic Valve manufacturer in the world. The expertise on all ranges of safety valves continues on four continents and in 12 different countries.

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Cash Acme, Masterguard 820 Series, Temperature Actuated Mixing Valves
Cash Acme, Masterguard 820 Series, Temperature Actuated Mixing Valves
Price: $714.29
Cash Acme, Masterguard 820 Series, Temperature Actuated Mixing Valves
in 3/4" , out 3/4" - Master Mixer with 4-in-1 Service Fittings
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