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CounterStrike® Flexible Gas Tubing Coil

The Lightning Problem is Solved!

After ten years, over 125 million feet have been installed in homes across America, making CounterStrike® CSST the only field-proven product in its class!

• CounterStrike® has been shown to be up to 400 times more resistant to the damaging effects of electrical arcing energy than yellow CSST.
• Uses the NEW AutoSnap® fittings that do not require disassembly/reassembly!
• The most complete range of CSST sizes (3/8”- 2”) available.
• There are no additional bonding requirements for CounterStrike® imposed by the manufacturer’s installation instructions.
• Lays straighter and pulls easier, dramatically decreasing installation times (and saving you time and money in the process).
• Unlike competitive brands, CounterStrike® is non-annealed making it more crush resistant, and easier to cut.

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