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Turbomax 44 Instantaneous Indirect Water Heater

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Price: $2,215.40
Item Number: T44
Manufacturer Name: Thermo 2000
Manufacturer Part No: T 44

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Turbomax 44 Instantaneous Indirect Water Heater

    • Standby loss <1/2°F per hour
    • Heat Transfer Efficiency = 99%
    • Output Temperature up to 200°F
    • Coil Test Pressure = 700 PSI
    • Tank Test Pressure = 300 PSI
    • Rated Pressure = 150 PSI


•TURBOMAX® heats water instantaneously, only when needed and keeps energy consumption to a minimum.
•TURBOMAX® has a patented technology with heat transfer efficiency reaching 99%.
• Includes patented injector, which provides optimum heat transfer. In simpler words the TURBOMAX® water heaters can produce more hot water, more rapidly.
•TURBOMAX® reduces and scrubs the accumulation of scale deposits that diminish the efficiency of traditional water heaters.
•TURBOMAX® adapts to all thermal energy sources (gas, oil, electricity, wood, solar and recuperated heat), the one that best suits your needs.
•TURBOMAX® can reduce heating costs by up to 30%.
• TURBOMAX® is reliable and covered by a 10-year warranty* - one of the best in the industry - even for commercial applications.
*Please consult the terms of the warranty

How Does It Work?

The principle behind the TURBOMAX® is based on the use of boiler water to heat the fresh domestic water instantly when required.

In order to maintain the domestic water temperature, the system supplies hot boiler water to the TURBOMAX® tank. The boiler water enters the top of the tank through a patented injector, which creates turbulence for an even water temperature around the copper coils, ensuring maximum thermal exchange. As the boiler water descends in the tank it transfers thermal energy to the copper coils in the TURBOMAX®®. The boiler water arrives at the bottom of the tank to be collected by a second patented injector and is redirected to the boiler to be re-heated until the system has returned to its initial state.

In contrast to the boiler water, fresh domestic water is forced up through the coil system from the bottom of the tank.As it rises, the domestic water in the coils draws energy from the ambient heat of the pre-heated tank water. This process allows domestic water to be heated from 40°F to 140°F in 7 seconds or less.

As you will note, firstly the flow of boiler water is from the top of the tank to the bottom and secondly the flow of fresh domestic water inside the copper coils is from the bottom of the heater to the top. The counterflow motion of both fluids increases the efficiency of heat transfer and prevents domestic hot water temperature swings.

The boiler water in TURBOMAX® tank constitutes a store of heat energy ready to heat fresh domestic water. The volume of boiler water stored in TURBOMAX® tank provides enough heat to keep your domestic water hot while the boiler heats up. In fact, it acts as a buffer which prevents domestic hot water or boiler water temperature swings.

Copper is the metal by which heat from the boiler water contained in the tank is transferred to domestic water in the coils. Copper is an excellent conductor of heat (17 times more so than stainless steel), which increases thermal efficiency. Also, copper is known to be the metal most resistant to corrosion by household water. Copper offers great resistance to thermal stress (expansion and contraction of material due to temperature changes in the water). TURBOMAX® uses the expansion and the contraction of copper to prevent the accumulation of scale inside the tube. The copper tubes are made into coils to take advantage of the radial expansion-contraction motion of copper. This constant motion changes inner surface tension and prevents scale deposits from attaching to the inner side of the copper coils.

Turbulence reduces heating costs. TURBOMAX® water heaters operate at an unparalleled 99% heat transfer efficiency. TURBOMAX® uses turbulence to produce more hot water, more rapidly. First, TURBOMAX® patented injectors, provide turbulence inside the tank. Second, domestic water entering TURBOMAX® copper coils flows in a turbulent state. Thus, like the patented injectors increasing heat transfer efficiency. The turbulence also scrub accumulation of scale deposits inside the coils.

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