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Company History

For over 50 years, Raypak has been the world’s leading manufacturer of copper finned boilers and heaters. From a modest beginning in 1947 in founder Al Whittel’s garage in Southern California, Raypak now supplies equipment all over the world from its manufacturing facilitiy in Oxnard, California, and its licensee in England. Raypak’s first manufacturing facility was located in El Monte, California. As a result of the growth generated by the market acceptance of the copper fin design, the factory was moved to Westlake Village, California, in 1970. After two major expansions over the next thirty years, Raypak outgrew the 151,000 square foot Westlake plant. In 2000 Raypak’s primary manufacturing facility was relocated to a completely new 235,000 square foot building in Oxnard, California, its current headquarters. Raypak expects that the market acceptance of new product designs will accelerate the growth rate that the company has experienced during the last ten years. The state-of- the-art Oxnard facility prepares the company to meet these growth demands. Raypak’s design goals are and have always been high quality, reliability and energy efficiency. Adhering to these basics is the reason the reputation of the company is held in such high regard by design build consultants, specifying engineers, distributors, contractors and homeowners. In 1996, Raypak was registered to ISO 9001, becoming the first boiler manufacturer to achieve the highest registration level attainable.

The Raypak Mission

To be recognized in the industry as the leader in technological innovations and product reliability.
To provide value to its customers that competitors cannot match.
To constantly seek out opportunities for growth and improvement in the industry.
To create a work environment that encourages all employees to improve the operation and the project whenever they can and to offer employees the opportunity to utilize their strengths and talents to the fullest.
To create an organization that can outperform its competitors in every industry facet.

Quality Policy Statement

Raypak will consistently provide quality products and services to promote and maintain superior customer satisfaction.
We do this through commitments to:

Meeting customer and quality management system requirements,
Continually improving the effectiveness of the quality management system, and
Achieving our quality objectives.
Raypak XFIIRE Hydronic Boilers / Water Heaters
Stainless steel water-tube construction
96-96.5% Efficiency
Raypak XVERS L Condensing Fire-Tube Boilers
Stainless steel fire-tube heat exchanger
Up to 98% efficiency
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RayPak H2-3001 Boiler - 3000 MBTUH - Left-Hand Connection
Price: Please e-mail for a quote
RayPak H2-3001 Boiler - 3000 MBTUH - Left-Hand Connection
3000 MBTUH - Input / 2460 MBTUH Output
RayPak H2-3001 Boiler - 3000 MBTUH - Right-Hand Connection
Price: Please e-mail for a quote
RayPak H2-3001 Boiler - 3000 MBTUH - Right-Hand Connection
3000 MBTUH - Input / 2460 MBTUH Output
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