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Grundfos Pumps

Purpose: Grundfos is a global leader in advanced pump solutions and a trendsetter in water technology.We contribute to global sustainability by pioneering technologies that improve quality of life for people and care for the planet.

Mission: Grundfos is one of the world’s leading pump manufacturers. It is our mission - the basis of our existence - to successfully develop, produce and sell high-quality pumps and pumping systems world-wide, contributing to a better quality of life and a healthy environment.

Vision: Our vision - the future we are striving for - is that:

• Our customers acknowledge us as the leading producer and partner when it comes to high-quality pumps - both in terms of performance and the environment.

•  Our employees thrive and demonstrate their satisfaction because their jobs and working conditions provide them with great opportunities for professional and personal growth and development. In addition, their satisfaction stems from a good work environment that takes the individual’s wishes and qualifications into consideration.

•  The rest of society recognizes and regards Grundfos with respect as a result of our responsible conduct in relation to the laws of our society, the principles of democracy, local traditions and the environment - as well as our relations to the people whose lives and circumstances we touch

Submersible pumps for groundwater supply, irrigation, and groundwater de-watering.
Plumbing & HVAC
Circulator pumps for domestic, central, and district heating and air-conditioning systems.
Sump, Sewage, & Effluent
Reliable Sump, Sewage, & Effluent Pumps for Handling Solids and Liquids in Residential Applications.
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