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Watts Backflow Preventers & Accessories
Plumbing codes mandate that potable water
supplies be protected against backflow
at all cross-connections
Watts Commercial Foodservice Plumbing
Introducing Hydro-Force
Watts Expansion Tanks
Expansion tanks are designed to safely
absorb the excess water created and prevent
relief valves from triggering
Watts Grease Interceptors
Watts hydro-mechanical grease, oil, and
commercial sediment interceptors protect
downstream piping and wastewater treatment
Watts Hydronic & Steam Heating
Assembling safe and high-performance
hydronic and steam heating installations,
including hydronic packages
Watts Mixing Valves
Mixing valves are designed to blend hot water
with cold water to ensure a constant,
safe outlet temperature
Watts Pressure Reducing Valves
Designed to reduce incoming water or
steam pressure to a safer constant predetermined
downstream level
Watts Pure Water Filters
Water Quality Parts & Accessories
Watts Relief Valves
Relief valves are designed to open
at preset pressure (or temperature) level
relieve the system when it has exceeded
the desired level
Watts Repair Kits
Repair kits provide factory approved
components to keep our products flowing.
Watts Shut Off Valves
Controls the flow of water and other materials
with either full on and full off functionality
or at a specific flow rate
Watts Water Hammer Arrestors
Water hammer arrestors are used to absorb
the shock when water flowing in a piping
system suddenly stops
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