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Eemax P.O.U. Water Heaters

Standard Tank Type Water Heaters:
  • Must keep the water hot 24 hours a day
  • Hot water must travel  long distance to be used at different outlets
  • When hot water runs out, tank has to “recover” before there is another steady supply of hot water (recovery time varies with its power rating and volume of water)

  • Are more expensive to operate
  • Are large and bulky

Tankless Electric Water Heaters:
  • Provide instant hot water when needed
  • Save energy costs by not keeping water hot 24 hours a day
  • Are small and compact, fitting in many convenient locations that larger tank water heaters will not
  • Will NEVER run out of hot water

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Eemax EX35 Flow-Control
Eemax EX35 Flow-Control
Price: $225.72
Eemax EX35 Flow-Control
Eemax EX190TC Series Three
Eemax EX190TC Series Three
Price: Discontinued
Eemax EX190TC Series Three
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