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Taco 218-3 Flo-Chek Valve - 3/4" IPS Cast Iron

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Price: $32.33
Item Number: 9220
Manufacturer Name: Taco
Manufacturer Part No: 218
Taco 218-3 Flo-Chek Valve - 3/4" IPS Cast Iron
Product Data and Manuals:

For more than 40 years, designers and installers have used Taco Flo-Cheks in forced hot water heating systems to prevent gravity circulation during periods when the boiler is hot, but the space heating zone is not wanted. This makes it possible to use the heating boiler to maintain domestic hot water year-round. You can also use Flo-Cheks in systems with multiple circulator zones to allow heat to flow only into the zones that are calling for heat. In addition, the thumb screw can be opened manually for gravity feed applications, if the main circulator stops operating.

Features Include:
  • Automatically Opens When Circulator Starts Running
  • Cast Iron, Universal Body or Bronze Sweat-In Configuration
  • 125 PSI Maximum Operating Pressure (862 kPa)
  • 277º F Maximum Operating Temperature (136º C)

218 Taco 3/4" IPS Flo-Chek

Frequently Asked Questions


Why does my Flo-Chek leak by?

Typically this is caused by debris accumulating on the disk or seat. This would be the case if the valve worked fine when it was first installed. You will have to take the valve apart and clean the seat, disk, and stem to bring the valve back to original. The stem should be vertical.



Why is my Flo-Chek or MPV noisy?

Normally a check valve is noisy if the valve is oversized for the flow going through the valve. The flow cannot lift or swing the disk all the way open so the disk bangs back and forth within the body of the valve.



Why does my hot water circulate when my Taco pump is off?

Something has adhered to the Flo-Chek seat or disk. The Flo-Chek is a weighted disk check valve that normally prevents thermosiphoning. That is, it prevents the lighter, hot water from rising to the radiation and the heavier, cool water from sinking, causing a flow in the system without a pump. If the system worked fine before and then started to act up, the disk is stuck or something is on the seats.



My house has five zones, each with its own circulator. Hot water is passing into zones that are not calling for heat. Do I have some defective circulators?

If you are not using zone valves, you need either Flo-Checks or a circulator with an Internal Flow Check (IFC). This is required to prevent thermosyphoning, a condition in which lighter, hot water rises, and heavier, cool water sinks, causing a flow in the system.



I have a 3-zone residential system with a 219 Flo-Chek on each zone. The manual override thumb screws are all open ~2 turns. Should these be fully closed?

The bypass knob should be turned clockwise all the way for normal operation. For bypass mode, thurn the knob counterclockwise until you have reached the position desired.


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