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Skuttle SKU-401H Multivoltage UV Germicidal Air Purifier

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Price: $156.79
Item Number: SKU-401H
Manufacturer Name: Skuttle
Manufacturer Part No: SKU-401H

Skuttle SKU-401H Multivoltage UV Germicidal Air Purifier

Product Sheet


  • Size (L x W x D) 8.75” x 4.25” x 2.75”
  • 16” Germicidal H lamp penetrates duct 15.25”
  • 12” Germicidal H lamp penetrates duct 11.25”
  • Auto-sensing multivoltage ballast 120 - 240 VAC 50/60 HZ
  • 36 WATT .60/.32 AMP

Germicidal Lamp Specifications

  • 16” Twin Tube Germicidal H Lamp 36 watts, 425 mA
  • 12” Twin Tube Germicidal H Lamp 24 watts, 425 mA
  • Intensity at 1 meter 180 microwatts/cmˆ2
  • Rated Life 2 years
  • Lamp Dimensions 16” from base to end
  • Glass diameter 30 mm (15 mm x 2)
  • 12” or 16” inch lamps are available for correct fit.

1. Patented 16” Hospital-grade UVC Germicidal Lamp with high output, twin H lamp design controls microbials (germs, bacteria, viruses & fungi) which cause infectious diseases, plus allergens such as bacteria & mold.
2. Patented 5” UVV Activated Oxygen Lamp controls gases (odors), V.O.C.’s and toxins.
3. Long-life hot cathode UVC & UVV lamps have an estimated two year lamp life.
4. Auto Sensing Multivoltage Ballast automatically operates from 120V AC to 240V AC.
5. Removable power cord 120V AC is standard; 240V AC cord is optional.
6. Westinghouse recommended probe unit design up/ down provides optimum UV radiation as rays flood the duct up and down stream.
7. Shielded ozone reaction chamber assures optimum lamp performance and provides for the ozone lamp adjustment, meaning that ozone output is not affected by proximity to UVC lamp.
8. Adjustable ozone output allows homeowners to control ozone output for their own house.
9. LED control panel assures homeowner that systems working.
10. Low power consumption design is a cost effective system for the homeowner.
11. Heavy duty steel construction with powder coat finish means units are sturdy and non-corrosive.
12. UL approved electrical components are safe and economical to operate.
13. Product is C.W.T. Lab approved by Life’s Resources, Inc. of Michigan.
14. Meets FDA Class II Medical Device standard.

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