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Charlotte Pipe Edge SV Cast Iron Service Weight

Charlotte Pipe and Foundry’s new Edge HP Iron pipe and fittings system is a specially coated cast iron designed for aggressive DWV applications. While Charlotte Pipe’s standard cast iron systems easily meet the needs of the vast majority of DWV installations, in certain aggressive environments, the piping system may need enhanced protection.

Charlotte Pipe Edge HP Iron is specifically designed for aggressive applications and installations such as:
• Exposure to undiluted cleaning chemicals with a pH range of 2 to 12
• Hospitals
• Casinos
• Commercial kitchens
• Soda fountains
• Bar sinks
• Parking garages

Charlotte Pipe Edge HP Iron™ meets or exceeds all of the coating performance requirements found within EN 877. This system also conforms to ASTM A 74 (Service and Extra Heavy), ASTM A 888 and CISPI 301 (Hubless) standards. It is certified by NSF International as conforming with all performance and quality control requirements of the standards listed above.

• 2"-15" NH and SV pipe in 10' lengths
• More than 560 SKUs of 2"-15" NH, SV and XH fittings
• For use in aggressive drain, waste and vent (DWV) and storm drainage applications
• Not suitable for chemical waste applications
• NSF International and IAPMO listed
• Charlotte Pipe’s pipe and fittings must be joined with NSF-listed couplings and neoprene gaskets

Edge HP Brochure
Edge HP Product Line Pamphlet 
Charlotte Cast Iron Edge HP Eighth Bend - SV
Epoxy Coated
Service Weight
Charlotte Cast Iron Edge HP Quarter Bend - SV
Epoxy Coated
Service Weight
Charlotte Cast Iron Edge HP Sanitary Tee - SV
Epoxy Coated
HP SV 43
Service Weight
Charlotte Cast Iron Edge HP Wye - SV
Epoxy Coated
HP SV 44
Service Weight
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