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Laars LFTCF199 FT Series Floor Standing Combi Boiler

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Price: $3,416.61
Item Number: LFTCF199NA1XN
Manufacturer Name: Laars Heating Systems Company
Manufacturer Part No: LFTCF199NA1XN


Taking Condensing Off-the-Wall

Built-in Low Loss Header
Integral low loss header hydraulically separates the boiler loop from the home's heating loop. Simple connection to the system's supply and return and the boiler piping is complete!

10:1 Turndown
Boiler and combi units modulate seamlessly from 100% to 10% of input during heat demand with full input during domestic demand.  The means energy and fuel savings!

Simultaneously Heat Space & Domestic Water
Innovative design requires no diverter valve so water is supplied for both space heating and domestic water heating simultaneously
Ultra High Efficiency
Environmentally friendly ultra high 95% AFUE efficiency
Industry Leading Domestic Hot Water Delivery
Industry best domestic hot water delivery from a combi boiler:
First minute delivery of 6+ gpm at a 70o rise and continuous delivery of 5.2 gpm at a 70o rise

Multiple Venting Options
PVC, CPVC, Polypropylene and Stainless Steel
Two-pipe or two-pipe to concentric venting

All Piping Connections Located on Top
Uniquely designed for the replacement market with 100% of connections on the top of the unit - including domestic recirc
An easy retrofit for all boilers - even older cast iron units!

Contractor & Installation Friendly
  • Quick set-up control functions
  • Built-in low loss header
  • Easy front access - securely hinged panel requires no screws
  • Left side panels (3) for additional access
  • Multiple vent configuration options - bazooka or separate
  • Thermostatic mixing valve included with EVERY combi unit

Extend Boiler Life While Increasing Comfort

The FT Series floor model with smart technology pauses the heating cycle during a domestic hot water demand.  It will then automatically determine if the space heating mode can be turned back on without reducing domestic hot water temperature. 

This results in less cycling for your boiler extending it's life!  The FT Series will continue to provide up to 3 gpm for space heating, that is plenty to continue to maintain a warm home.  Simultaneous space heating and hot water all in one package. 

No other floor combi boiler can make this statement!

FT Series Combi

Intelligent Domestic Hot Water Delivery

The FT Series combi boiler's unique, integrated domestic hot water mini-indrect tank delivers stable hot water on demand.  The unit is capable of supplying heat to your home while simultaneously supplying hot water where you need it.  No other combi floor boiler can make this statement!  With an FT Series combi you will never experience another sometimes hot, sometimes not shower!

  • Contains up to one gallon of stored hot water on standby at all times
  • Provides immediate response, greatly reducing "time-to-faucet" to prevent cold water sandwich
  • Mini-indirect + factory supplied mixing valve = precise, stable water temperature

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