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Skuttle 60-1 Duct-Mounted Steam Humidifiers

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Price: $412.53
Item Number: 60-1
Manufacturer Name: Skuttle
Manufacturer Part No: 601

Skuttle 60-1 Free-Standing High-Capacity Steam Humidifier

Owner Manual

The Skuttle model 60-1, 120v. Includes the stainless steel humidifier assembly, manual humidistat, saddle valve, fan control relay, blower safety switch, and mounting frame.

Models 60-1 and F60-1

  • Moisture Output: 13 gallons/day
  • Energy Usage: 120V, 12.5 amps

Skuttle Duct-Mounted Steam Humidifiers are the best option when stabilized humidity is desired or essential. They work well on all heating systems with air movers, and are particularly effective on furnaces that don’t operate long enough or generate enough heat for other humidifiers to work efficiently. Skuttle has been the leader in residential steam humidification for more than 20 years.

How Steam Humidifiers Work

Inside a Skuttle Steam Humidifier, a water temperature sensing device operates the furnace fan independently from your home’s heating system. Because it has its own heat source, a steam unit will effectively humidify your home regardless of the air temperature.

Multiple Options

Standard Models 60-1 and 60-2 come equipped with manual humidistat that you can adjust to weather changes. Models F60-1 and F60-2 are identical to the standard units, except that they include a Skuttle Automatic Flushing Timer and Chlorine Removal Filter to minimize maintenance.

Rather than being duct-mounted, Model 60-BC1 is a free-standing unit. It’s an ideal choice when no ductwork is available, or when using the central air distribution system is not an option.

Environmental Facts

Skuttle Steam Humidifiers are efficient because they use comparatively little water. However, since they operate independently from your heating system, they use a significant amount of electricity. Steam Humidifiers do not produce harmful contaminants, nor do they release them into the air.


Due to Steam Humidifiers’ internal complexity and the danger of scalding, cleaning and servicing by a qualified HVAC contractor is strongly recommended. The normal service interval varies from one-to-three months (i.e., one or two cleanings during a typical humidification season, plus a thorough cleaning at the end of the season). Water hardness, weather conditions, home construction, etc., all affect cleaning frequency. Use of a Skuttle Automatic Flushing Timer can reduce maintenance significantly. The humidifier and the connecting water valve must be turned OFF at the end of each heating season.

Enhanced Features

To increase effectiveness, this ducted humidifier features several new enhancements.

  • Reconfigured Heating Element: A longer, reconfigured heating element decreases watt density and reduces premature burnout.
  • Safety Shutoff: A safety control shutoff to prevent the humidifier from operating if the furnace blower fails.
  • Contaminant Free Air: Because water evaporated from the humidifier leaves behind all its impurities, the resulting humidification doesn’t pollute your indoor air.
  • Low Water Usage: With its unique technology, the unit uses minimal water making it easy on your water bill.

Coverage Area

These Skuttle steam humidifiers can provide whole house humidification in homes up to 4,048 square feet, depending on your home’s insulation level. Use the below information to determine which model is best for your home.

Humidifier Model Tight House Average House Loose House
60-1 / F60-1 3,095 sq. ft.  1,970 sq. ft. 1,413 sq. ft.
  24,762 cu. ft. 15,758 cu.ft. 11,304 cu. ft.
60-2 / F60-2 4,048 sq. ft. 2,576 sq. ft. 1,848 sq. ft.
  32,381 cu. ft. 20,606 cu. ft. 14,783 cu. ft.
  • Tight House: Tight houses have insulated walls and ceilings, vapor barriers, weather stripping on doors and windows, snug doors, snug windows, and a fireplace damper. One-half air change per hour.
  • Average House: Average houses have insulated walls and ceilings, vapor barriers, loose doors, loose windows, and a fireplace damper. One air change per hour.
  • Loose House: Loose houses have no insulation, storm doors, storm windows, weather stripping, or vapor barriers. Two air changes per hour.

Additional Features

  • Mounting Bracket: Serves as a fixed template and creates a drawer-like frame on the ductwork for easy installation and service.
  • Overflow Fitting: Features a 3/8-inch barbed, brass overflow fitting for fast, secure tubing installation.
  • Corrosion Resistance: A 316 stainless steal float to provide improved corrosion resistance.
  • Extended Heating Element Warranty: An extended, two-year warranty on the heating element.
  • Included Humidistat: Activates the humidifier heater when your home is too dry.
  • Energy Efficient: With its energy efficient technology, the unit uses minimal water.

Minimal Water = Uses minimal water

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