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Rheem Tankless Electric

Rheem Tankless Electric Water Heaters heat water on demand meaning no storage tank is required. Our tankless electric water heaters instantly heat water as it flows from the inlet of the device through the heat exchanger coil to the hot water outlet and are often times installed in point of use applications in the dwelling but the larger models can be utilized in a whole home application as well.

The main advantages of Rheem tankless electric water heaters are the small and compact design that allows the flexibility to install the product almost anywhere. You will get an endless flow of hot water without worries of depleting the hot water reserve. It only heats the water that is intended to be used at a point in time, hence no extended period of heat loss that is experienced with a tank water heater.


  • Compact Design - Great for under the counter installation and fits almost anywhere
  • Water Conservation - Hot water is  instantaneous, there is not need to let cold water cycle through
  • Industry leading Low Flow Activation - Not need to turn water on completely to activate water heating
  • Easy Installation - All water connections provided and product can be mounted & powered without opening the unit
  • You can use the Rheem electric tankless products in any of the following locations - Homes,  Apartments,  Condos,  Hospitals,  Hotels,  Boats,  Restaurants,  Offices,  Labs and anywhere else hot water is needed.

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